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What’s coming in 2015?

What new releases do I have planned for 2015? I’m got two projects in the works right now. The first is the audiobook version of The Fire Seer. It’s narrated by Scott Richard Ehredt, who is FABULOUS, and will likely … Continue reading

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New release: “Archer’s Sin” audiobook

My first audiobook is out! It’s “Archer’s Sin,” and it’s available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. The narration is by the very talented Lauren Sweet. I have some free codes for review copies on Audible, so if you’d like to … Continue reading

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I have a morbid fascination with predators. Perhaps this is why I wrote a book about an assassin. I’m particularly intrigued by “pure” predators, the ones who are predatory without malice. There’s nothing evil about what they do. They are … Continue reading

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Raymond Chandler parodies science fiction

‘Did you ever read what they call Science Fiction? It’s a scream. It is written like this: “I checked out with K19 on Aldabaran III, and stepped out through the crummalite hatch on my 22 Model Sirus Hardtop. I cocked … Continue reading

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2012 Daphne du Maurier!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve won the 2012 Daphne du Maurier! This contest has two divisions, one for published writers and one for unpublished writers. I won the unpublished division. (Yes, my novel is sold now, but I sold … Continue reading

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Bye bye Archie

There’s a reason I’ve ridden so many different horses (probably over a hundred). This is simply the reality of people like me who love horses and pay to ride them, but do not own one of our own. We are … Continue reading

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Best nonfiction book for fantasy writers ever!

Greek Fire, Poison Arrows, and Scorpion Bombs: Biological & Chemical Warfare in the Ancient World I have found the best nonfiction book ever for fantasy writers! This is a book describing nontraditional tactics of war actually used by ancient and … Continue reading

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