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Writing technique: let it percolate

I recently had the experience of writing a 26,000 word novella in one month. That’s fast for me because it normally takes me six months to write a 100,000 word novel. A novella is one quarter the length, so it … Continue reading

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Time management for writers — a follow-up post

Last week I blogged about Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ technique of setting a timer for three hours at the beginning of her writing day and letting it run only when she is actively writing, not doing research or email or Facebook. … Continue reading

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Time management for writers

First a quick administrative update: I turned in the manuscript for Prince’s Fire last week! That is book three in my series. I’m talking with my agent and editor about what to work on next. It will either be a … Continue reading

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The last ten percent

One of my sons is a fairly serious piano player. Not serious as in “going to be a concert pianist someday” but as in “takes lessons from a high level instructor, practices daily, and doesn’t suck.” From observing his experience, … Continue reading

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Novel openings

So I’m writing the third book in the Assassin’s Gambit series, which is currently untitled, and I’ve run into a bit of a dilemma about the opening. I have chosen a “soft” opening for this novel. If you’ve read the … Continue reading

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Gearing up for release

Look, my print galleys have arrived! Still a little over two months before release date. Just so you know, only the galleys are pink like this. The real book has cover art :). I’ve noticed that review sites are starting … Continue reading

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History for the fantasy buff: Number systems, part 3

One last post on number systems. I’ve talked about Roman and Arabic numerals, and base 10 versus other bases used worldwide through early history. But I’ve skipped over the East. This isn’t history, exactly. I’m talking about things that are … Continue reading

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